Astrology for the Creative Entrepreneur


This weekend past was last ever installment of The Blogcademy, held for its final class in Midtown, Manhattan where it all began, which I feel so lucky to have been a part of. For all of those who know me well, they know that I am a person that loves to live with purpose, which is what taking classes provides me. It gives me direction, focus and a fresh perspective on whatever the task at hand. So, being able to delve more deeply into the business behind blogging was a perfect way to spend a weekend. For all you creatives in your post-grad-daily-grind phase, I recommend participating in as many classes, seminars and workshops that you can fit in to your schedule. It provides you with the concentration and the network to get closer to your goals. But, aside from the knowledge we (pay) for, what is so special about getting back into the student’s seat is that we encounter an entirely new cast of characters outside of our daily routines, that inevitably serve to open us up to some reinvigorated points of view. For example, I was not expecting to learn so much about my self and the amazing benefits of astrology for the creative entrepreneur by way of my unique star chart during a weekend devoted to content creation and target audiences. But that is exactly what I did, during the hours before class started, the short breaks during the day and in the days since the seminar closed.




My amazing classmate Colin was the catalyst in this self discovery. A student of The Blogcademy with aspirations of bringing his fresh new blog to the market—the content of which is so inspired that I won’t even share the specifics here, for fear of it being poached—dealing with astrology, self love and individuality. You’d think that being the only male in the class (and I believe one of 5 in all Blogcademy courses ever) would be the reason that he stood out, but it was his delightful energy, his humor and his eagerness to speak—and make true connections—with everyone that did it. Needless to say, I felt energized and so positively influenced when he began schooling me in the complexities of my individual star chart.


My take-away and advice: don’t just say “I’m a Leo” and leave it there. There is so much to take into account, as we artists and creatives can be especially affected (and benefit from) astrological alignment. After reading my in-depth personal analysis via Astrolabe (as recommended from the pro himself) I have such a clearer understanding of the little nuances in my personality and how to really hone in on my particular talents in building my business. It all makes so much sense. And, there was even a salient tidbit pertaining directly to my creative work from my Jupiter-in-Aries-self :


The way that you grow and develop is by being an uncompromising individualist. You have a great need to be yourself and to explore your latent talents and abilities. Do not be afraid to let yourself go and develop self-confidence and pride in your accomplishments. But try not to become so self-centered that you ignore the needs of others. Also, you may have to build up your self-discipline in order to focus your energies properly.


From the gal who works from home with Netflix always a click away, I can totally relate and take heed of the final sentence in that quote. Likewise, I need to remember to close my MacBook sometimes, even when I am totally engrossed in my latest piece of writing, and strike out into the world for some personal connection. The needs of my loved ones are super important and I can’t forget that. Moreover, my next source of inspiration (and perhaps a new special friend) is out there somewhere. So hey, creatives, get your stars aligned and move onward. And stay tuned for Colin’s site.

Here’s to a weekend of learning and the happy surprise of life affirming circumstantial knowledge!





Featured photo via Unsplash, Leo astrology image via Commons.

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