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Weekly Round-Up


This weekly round-up is incorporating the weekend, for a change. Nothing clears the air and opens up the waves of communication and creativity like a dramatic rain storm, and this is how the weekend began. Pounding rain and smears of traffic lights while I hid out under the BQE on my bike, trying to make a plan for how I was to make it to the city without getting (more, entirely) soaked. It actually felt energizing to be in the midst of such chaos after the oppressive air of Mercury retrograde had lifted.



Our final destination for the evening (after stashing bikes in Joe’s classroom in Downtown Brooklyn) was the birthday party of our dear friend in her Chinatown apartment. Dumplings and red wine and champagne and cucumber slices with Ponzo fueled our post rainstorm bliss and we spoke and danced and reconnected and became closer. This sweet friend and her sweet husband bring together some of the most enchanting people from all walks and being in their home (a veritable museum of art, handiwork and natural curiosities from their worldwide adventures) is always calming, fortifying and inspiring. I am so moved to be with people and interact with the world now that my self-inflicted mercurial misery of the past weeks is over.

Rachel, Joe and myself were even motivated to “play Korea” as we often are, calling upon our surreal time together so long ago in a foreign place, and went in search of late-night, authentic cuisine in one of the last corners of New York City that remains extraordinary, curious and exciting. Our adventures in late night dumplings brought us to Mission Chinese, which after much run-around from the host, introduced us to some of the better food we’ve had the joy of eating. Authentic and fringe and tucked away it was not, but the experience was certainly wild and bizarre which is what we were hoping to encounter.


I was so lucky to have spent time with the immensely talented Jack Woertz this past week. Seeing her work space and learning the ins and outs of one of my favorite crafts—leather tooling—from the pro herself was a blast and I cannot wait to share her story here on the blog. We first spent time together back in August at the oasis of a Brooklyn home she inhabits with her lovely girlfriend (the site of the Bohemian Collective photo shoot for Morphologically with Dawn Marie West). I had been dying to get back to that space and hear the full story of Jack’s life and work after having a sneak peek into her world. And now, more than ever, I want to shout from the rooftops: “Get out there, people, and MAKE THINGS WITH YOUR HANDS!” It’s what the world needs more of. IMG_6647-2

Finally, I found this INCREDIBLE floral jersey at Beacon’s Closet in Park Slope on this gorgeous Saturday past and I have been wearing it ever since (including to the Brooklyn Nets Open Practice on Sunday morning because it felt totally appropriate for the occasion). The piece is one of my most exciting finds in recent history as I seem to have stepped away from thrifting lately. But, after finding it, I was inspired to watch (at long last) IRIS, the documentary on the goddess of self-expression through dress, Iris Apfel, making me fall even more deeply in love with it. It makes me feel so amazing and empowered for an inexplicable reason and I am honestly going to try to incorporate this top into as many outfits as possible, and see if I can’t work it into a “professional” ensemble for a meeting or an event. I think it can work!

Wishing you late night dance parties, happy rain storms, craftiness and all the love in the world.


Weekly Round-Up


This weekly round-up is shaping up to be appropriately witchy and womanly. And if I am to continue with this theme, I would say that it all begin last Thursday night at the 13th annual New York Burlesque Festival where much red wine was imbibed and much whooping and hollering was done in the name of female empowerment. The weekend rounded out with a fall inspired photo shoot in my backyard that somehow became very late-90’s-girl-power (with heavy influences of The Craft) very quickly. My favorite thing is when a shoot takes on a life of its own without my control. And Nadine and Rachel had a lot of stories to tell…so I let them do their work.




It has to be the total lunar eclipse and Blood Harvest Moon that has us all a’twitter. It feels like a very heavy time creatively and emotionally and I take it as a sign that all of the intentions I set on the evening of the eclipse are working their magic and mixing everything up. I couldn’t have asked for a better woman to hang with in the wake of all this celestial turbulence than Nicole Katherine Alexander, the Captain-Queen of Vintage and Empress of Girl Power. Basking in her ultimate witchiness this past Thursday helped to shake a lot of things loose and I am so excited to share her story (and the epic photos) with everyone here a.s.a.p…


Even the weather seems to be serving this heavy energy. The pending hurricane has been pounding NYC with rain and here I sit with a water slicked window listening to Stevie Nicks (because what else do you do in the midst of all of these witches) and getting ready to hunker down and enjoy the storm. With the events of the past week, I’ve been wanting to watch nothing but 90’s horror films (we have some serious Horrotober gems cued up with Netflix), and nothing lends itself better to that than a rainy weekend indoors with no where to go. Also, all of these awesome stories in the works won’t write themselves, so it is a self-issued sentence of house arrest for me. Stay safe out there, kids! 




Weekly Round-Up


This post is presented under the guise of a weekly round up, but it is actually a mind storm of the past couple of weeks in photos. I remember, in years past, that the beginning of September spawned a back-to-basics (or might we call it a back-to-school) mentality. All manner of adventuring and manic creation (and living on very little sleep interspersed with too much sleep) would take a back seat to the more somber tasks of getting ourselves organized. 2015 has seemed to laugh in the face of this tradition, bringing with it what feels like even MORE excitement, travel and creation than the summer months.



The end of summer always feels like a scramble to check off the last minute items that we may not have gotten to between all of the out-of-state vacations. For me, this means taking advantage of trips to the local NYC beaches. It’s true that the Maine beaches offer moodier and more magical waters, more privacy, and the added bonus of being able to drive to them in a matter of minutes…but there is something really gritty and hip about Coney Island and the Rockaways. Like little time capsules of a bygone era of New York, these beaches give us a sense of wild freedom in a city that becomes more and more tight-laced as time goes on.


As a member of the Brooklyn Museum I try to visit as often as possible. Truly, the curators of this wonderful space serve up some of the best shows I have the pleasure of seeing, and all the while creating a wonderful sense of community and pride in local artists. The current show FAILE: Savage/Sacred Minds is super amazing and taps into that great gritty spirit of NYC that I mentioned above. Focussing in on

“our relationship to consumer culture, religious traditions and urban environment by blurring the boundaries between fine art, street art and popular culture.”

Spoiler alert: there is a fully active arcade within the exhibit, you should definitely make a point of visiting this show before it closes on October 4th.



Though the Morphologically x Bohemian Collective shoot was in August, the article went live on the site the second weekend in September. It was so exciting to have so many of my favorite creative minds come together on that project and I don’t feel guilty in the slightest bit about making another humble brag about my latest guest post! September you’re full of inspiration and opportunity!




With all the madness of NYFW, blogging and brand launches, it was important to get away for some meditation and relaxation at the dawn of a new season. I love nothing more than to travel to the Hudson River Valley each autumn, and this year’s trip was particularly special with its camping under the stars, waterfall dips and the frenzied arrival to our motel during an epic downpour after being rained out of our campsite. I tried to capture the spirit of the amazing seediness of Motel 19, forgotten by time and tucked away into the Catskill Mountains, in the above picture. Sheets of rain were falling outside our window and with nothing really modern to speak of in the room—including wireless internet—and the city miles away, we could really live in the moment and luxuriate in long hours of togetherness.