Hat Tricks










Ever since this hat (handmade somewhere in Poland) came into my life this winter, it has brought a special kind of magic with it…

Originally purchased as the wardrobe centerpiece for a stunning, snowy dream sequence in a beautiful film—a film that will probably be mentioned again on this blog in the weeks and months to come—I have since adopted it and become so attached that it actually makes me a bit sad to say farewell to winter.  It was chosen for the film as a fashionable statement piece, but also because of its slightly wild nature: there is something attractive, amusing and feral about it.  Wearing this hat around has made me approachable in a world that has forgotten how to interact—people are constantly making friendly comments as they pass me in the street, and some even stop to make conversation.  

Like I said, it’s a magic hat.

And, of course, it is the perfect hat to wear home to Maine because it allows me to live out all of my Snow Princess fantasies.  As a person who would take white sand beaches over white-capped mountains any day, it is of monumental importance that I allow myself all fashion liberties when traveling to a cold place.

In celebration of spring’s arrival, I publish this maiden post and prepare myself for the birth of a new season and also the birth of Naked City Style.  I am unbelievably excited (and more than a bit intimidated) to take all that I’ve learned from my past editorial experience and mixed bag of an industry career and arrive here, at the beginning.

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