Halloween Inspiration from Unsplash.com

Mallory Johndrow www.vintagraphproductions.com

Working in digital marketing and branding always calls for the use of stock images. But interesting and original stock images are hard to come by which is why I love Unsplash.com, introduced to me by fellow bloggers.  The site houses gorgeous imagery by independent artists who offer their work for any use as long as credit is given. And, with the Halloween sprit that I am feeling this week leading up to the holiday, I thought I would curate a small gallery of Halloween inspiration from Unsplash.com to introduce the stunning photographs. The spooky images below are by artists Andrea Boldizer, Simon Wijers, and Jesse Bowser (featured image by Mallory Johndrow). Enjoy and pop over to Unsplash.com for all of your stock photo needs!


Jesse Bowser www.jesse-bowser.com

Simon Wijers


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