Jewelry Awards Season

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This Friday kicks off the jewelry awards season with the annual Gem Awards held by the Jewelers of America in New York City. Tomorrow we head to the Waldorf Astoria for the 24 Karat Club Gala and, finally, Sunday is the 2016 Golden Globes–a veritable smorgasbord of glimmering eye-candy!

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Tonight’s Gem Awards is much closer to my heart than in past years, as the master Sevan Bickaci has been nominated for a prestigious award. We will all be holding our breaths as the announcement is made for the GEM Award for Jewelry Design!

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In other exciting jewelry news, the designer Kassandra Nicholson with whom I worked to brand her newly launched collection, Kassandra Nicholson Jewelry, was just featured on Danielle of Gem Gossip has an incredible way with the stunning jewels she photographs and styles on the site and she was an absolute pleasure to work with as always. Both of these ladies make me excited to be a part of this industry and I wish them all of the best in 2o16. Be sure to check out both and for more!


And, it wouldn’t be a true round-up of the best of the jewelry world if I didn’t speak to my true gem-love Anthony Lent. With a newly launched website and a complete branding makeover, Anthony Lent is set to take 2016 by storm. And, what better symbol of soaring to new heights, than the gilded wings pictured above in the newly designed Flying Heart Ring. All of Anthony Lent’s winged pieces are in the spotlight this month, so visit us on Instagram to keep up on the #TakeFlight series.

Now, it’s time to get dolled up and kick off the weekend in our black-tie best!


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