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I am so honored to have had the opportunity to guest post on my absolute favorite blog, Bohemian Collective.  Laura Mazurek is a true goddess and a dream to work with. What she has done for artists and creators via this collective, and her work with the staggeringly beautiful print publication, moves me greatly.

Melissa and Dawn, I wish for many more collaborations in our brilliant future! xo

Please see the story below, accompanied by photographs by Dawn Marie West (featured) and Laura Mazurek (all of the below):










We felt transported that evening, kindred spirits surrounding a Brooklyn backyard bonfire with homespun guitar riffs drifting into the humid air.  Melissa McGill, founder of lifestyle aromatherapy brand Morphologically, in true form—always finding a bit of magic in the most unexpected places—had led us to this hidden paradise.  Highway 27 was just across the street and below an underpass—cars moving at 75 miles per hour in both directions and undoubtedly leaving some part of the city behind them—but in the cool underbrush of budding sunflowers and amidst the tendrils of backyard vines, you really couldn’t be sure where exactly you were.  Here, outside the surging cadence of the city, we sleep to dream of wild nature, the newfound company of extraordinary strangers, art and endless possibilities. Because, the thing about Brooklyn is, we all bring our individual, far-reaching stories around the campfire, and there is a gravitational pull for the creative, the crafty, the bohemian.  A world away from the pulsing epicenter of the city that never sleeps, we find ourselves in the presence of harmony.


Growing up on a self-sustaining farm in Western Canada and a practitioner of aromatherapy for the past 16 years, Melissa lives the life she has always known, but nestled within a metropolis, instead of folded inside the patchwork quilt of endless acreage.  Her home in Brooklyn, adorned by spider plants, wall hangings and tapestry rugs, has a clarity and a calmness to it, no doubt owing itself to her purifying candles burning endlessly in each corner of the space.  An altar to her creations, in the form of massive industrial shelves full of pure soy wax, sacred oils and Himalayan salts, towers along one wall of her light-filled living room, her silver wax warmer simmers in the corner closest to her door. For Melissa, being a holistic soul seeking an environment of balance in the midst of this city, so frequently associated with depletion, means pouring her self into the creation of handmade candles, aromatic woods and tinctures.  Through the creation of her wares, she cultivates a life energy that she shares with everyone she meets.


It was Melissa who brought us all together that evening: the writer, the photographer, the artisan and the aromatherapist, each of us filling the space with our unique stories.  Community is important to Melissa, and fundamental to the way she has built her business. Her collaborative vision and her ability to find synergy in the people she guides into her circle somehow translates into the way the scent of each of her products permeates through a room, blanketing the user in a glow of warmth and wellness.  Her joy in creating custom blends for anything that ails you, her openness to share with you all that she knows about this craft and her quest to find other holistic practitioners with whom to create a collective, further supports this sense of community.  Finding the natural amongst the urban, as exercised by Melissa, is the quest for sustainability of mind and body, cultivating balance and reaching out to care for those gentle souls that make up your city.  This practice, like the experience of her wares, is a breath of serenity within the chaos of life.

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