The Power of the Mood-Board


My mom used to keep one tucked inside the inner pages of her work agenda. It had mostly pictures of my father and me, some pictures of beautiful homes that she cut from magazines and of course pictures of far-flung locales that she would one day travel to. She has since traveled to them, because that is the power of the mood-board.


Oprah suggests that you create your board using images of your hopes and dreams and that, somehow (magically), the act of you cutting out photographs from a magazine and taping postcards to a piece of paper or tacking it to a framed piece of cork manifests your destiny and actualizes your aspirations. Philip Lim collages images of galaxies, cacti, exotic flowers and shaggy rabbits and it leads to the season’s most coveted runway looks. That is also the power of the mood-board.


My personal recipe is simple: mix in equal parts happy memories and fanciful wishes, add some photos of loved ones, tack up quotes and excerpts that help to guide your journey, make it image heavy and always leave a bit of blank space on the canvas for tomorrow’s daydream.


Just as I began this winter, hunkered down with some of my favorite ladies at our solstice & chill, I plan to revel in this weekend’s pending blizzard with some expressive mood-boarding. It’s been a season full of sacred nesting, craft and collage and there is no reason to stop now with temperatures dropping.

Happy snowstorm!


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