Weekly Round-Up


This weekly round-up is shaping up to be appropriately witchy and womanly. And if I am to continue with this theme, I would say that it all begin last Thursday night at the 13th annual New York Burlesque Festival where much red wine was imbibed and much whooping and hollering was done in the name of female empowerment. The weekend rounded out with a fall inspired photo shoot in my backyard that somehow became very late-90’s-girl-power (with heavy influences of The Craft) very quickly. My favorite thing is when a shoot takes on a life of its own without my control. And Nadine and Rachel had a lot of stories to tell…so I let them do their work.




It has to be the total lunar eclipse and Blood Harvest Moon that has us all a’twitter. It feels like a very heavy time creatively and emotionally and I take it as a sign that all of the intentions I set on the evening of the eclipse are working their magic and mixing everything up. I couldn’t have asked for a better woman to hang with in the wake of all this celestial turbulence than Nicole Katherine Alexander, the Captain-Queen of Vintage and Empress of Girl Power. Basking in her ultimate witchiness this past Thursday helped to shake a lot of things loose and I am so excited to share her story (and the epic photos) with everyone here a.s.a.p…


Even the weather seems to be serving this heavy energy. The pending hurricane has been pounding NYC with rain and here I sit with a water slicked window listening to Stevie Nicks (because what else do you do in the midst of all of these witches) and getting ready to hunker down and enjoy the storm. With the events of the past week, I’ve been wanting to watch nothing but 90’s horror films (we have some serious Horrotober gems cued up with Netflix), and nothing lends itself better to that than a rainy weekend indoors with no where to go. Also, all of these awesome stories in the works won’t write themselves, so it is a self-issued sentence of house arrest for me. Stay safe out there, kids! 




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